December 5, 2023

Social Media Application Development: Features and Technology Stack for any New-age Application!

Are you aware?

“The quantity of social networking users is forecasted to mix 3.43 billion in 2023, which is up to 50 % from the people in this country around the globe then.“

These figures supplied by Statista, a reputed online statistics portal, are astonishing! They showcase this market is growing by leaps and bound. Not just individuals but professionals and businesses begin using these platforms for his or her growth. Consequently, an array of social media application development services has emerged around the world. These apps have evolved with time with countless trendy features and tools. So one should keep abreast using the latest trends for every platform to construct a high-of-the-line social networking application.

This web site instills an in depth overview, features, and technology stack for architecting social networking or social networking apps. Let’s explore them.

Major Kinds of Social Networking Apps

•           Photo/media-discussing platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, etc.

•           Social network apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

•           Chatting apps like WhatsApp.

•           Blogging and publishing sites like Medium

•           Internet discussion forums like Reddit, Quora, etc.

•           Business networking sites like LinkedIn.

•           Consumer review platforms like TripAdvisor.

•           Anonymous social systems like Anonyfish,, etc

These apps possess a general group of features baked into them that are essential-have for just about any social networking application. Let’s have a review of them:

Fundamental Options that come with Social Networking Apps

Captivating interface: The UI should form an excellent impression on users enabling easy navigation with the application. It ought to possess a effective and interactive visual design.

Easy registration and login: Thinking about rapid attention length of today’s users, the registration and login processes should be pretty simple.

Simpler search functionality: Users should easily have the ability to look for anything by user names, tags, location, etc. Because they start searching, the outcomes ought to be filtered out and proven inside a drop-lower style in the earliest.

Private chatting and calling functionalities: A handy chat feature for delivering messages, photos, or any other media along with a calling feature for connecting seamlessly are essential of these apps.

Message status: You will be able to determine if their message was read through the other users they ought to be in a position to hide their status as needed.

Easy connectivity and expand user following: These apps must permit the users to simply access huge numbers of people effortlessly and therefore, develop a following quickly.

Creating and editing account: A thoughtful account that can help users to draw in their audience is important for any social application. Users must have the ability to edit or personalize it too.

Push notifications: To keep you notified of latest activities as well as about marketing activities, this selection is essential-have within the apps.

Appealing and real-time news feed: Relevant, real-time, and interesting news feed helps you to remain tuned with information from buddies along with other communities. This potential feature compels you to help keep scrolling continuously.

Commenting, liking, and discussing: These functions also ensure more engagement from the users.

Capability to add posts: Users will be able to express their ideas around the platform. They will be able to share or upload files by means of text, image, audio, video, etc. formats.

Group or community creating feature: Users, whether individuals or businesses, getting common goals, interests, and values will be able to form groups or communities.

Add or remove buddies/connections feature: Users must cost nothing to include, remove, or block their connections as well as report as needed. This selection is very essential in a global where visitors connect so quick.

Emojis, GIFs, and stickers: These functionalities are essential for making certain the apps provide a more interactive and intuitive feel towards the users.

Capability to integrate along with other social networking platforms: This selection helps the application proprietors to improve their user-base and drive adoption, therefore growing its recognition.

Top-level privacy and security of knowledge: Greater privacy and security features must are employed in the social apps to make sure secure interactions, prevent sensitive information of users, gain their confidence and therefore, keep up with the good status from the social networking application.

A couple of more complex Features

•           Go live or broadcast feature

•           Hosting Watch Parties

•           Ability to focus on best tales

•           Ability to edit, crop or rotate images

•           Collaborative tales i.e. short-resided tales for just one-day or short time-span

•           Person-to-person (P-2-P) payment

Now once we are through with the characteristics part, let’s proceed to we’ve got the technology stack needs of those apps. There’s two major parts- frontend and backend. Aside from this, we’ll also discuss the admin panel and database.

Social media application development: Aspects to consider in Technology Stack


Frontend development depends upon several factors such as frontend features to become inculcated, the framework to become selected for faster development, best performance, and also the versatility from the application.

For creating a web frontend, AngularJs and Bootstrap are thought reliable. Some may also use ReactJs. After deciding these platforms, it’s possible to combine all of them with HTML and CSS for styling abilities and develop outstanding social apps.

For developing native apps, native languages such as the below could be preferred:

•           Android- Java or Kotlin

•           iOS- Objective C or Quick

For developing hybrid apps, it’s possible to use frameworks like Ionic, React Native, Flutter, Cordova/PhoneGap, etc.


Backend is an important a part of development for figuring out what logic is going to be used and just how. Node.js has been broadly employed for backend growth and development of dynamic social apps that concentrate on real-time occasions that require quick information systems with minimal latency. Aside from Node.js, PHP and Ruby will also be getting used for backend development.

Admin Panel

The Admin panel can dramatically change up the budgets. Admin panel could be either coded in-house or with the aid of other development companies, based on your needs and goals. As it is a money and time intensive process, several companies don’t build their Admin panels on your own and make use of a third-party service. However, with third-party services, you will find limitations as personalization isn’t feasible.


Social apps need a lot of data to become utilized, stored, and processed. You will find multiple databases readily available for the varied requirements of the apps. It’s possible to select any database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite or NoSQL database- for example, MongoDB. However, we advise using PostgreSQL or MySQL. For cloud services, Amazon . com Web Services are highly suggested as storage for the data.


The very best social networking apps on the web attract countless users daily. This fact has inspired several business enthusiasts, investors , and entrepreneurs to interrupt into this arena. Hopefully this web site has led you inside your social application development journey using the features and also the technology stack for use.

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